Patient Stories

Rehabilitation Care

Six months ago, I was in a head-on car accident. A few days later, I couldn’t count to 10 or unload spoons from the dishwasher. I ran into a friend of mine who said his son had recently suffered a concussion and recommended Dr. Chesnutt at OHSU.

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Foot and Ankle Care

skiing after foot disorder
I recently had foot reconstructive surgery at OHSU. The foot disorder I had has been a problem for many women in my family. 


Fracture Care

Marcus V.

Marcus V.
After sustaining multiple fractures and injuries from being trapped under thousands of pounds of steel, Marcus is on his way to recovery. 

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Hand and Wrist Care

Tiffani Howard's hand and wrist patient story at OHSU Bone & Joint
I crushed my finger between two boulders in March 2009. We were building a retaining wall, and each boulder weighed from 200 to 400 pounds.

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Knee Care


I've played sports my whole life. I've done plenty of things to my body, but when I blew out my ACL playing soccer, it was excruciating - it felt like I got shot.

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Spine Care

Michelle Lum

Michelle Lum speaks about why she chose the OHSU Spine Center. Watch the video


"The OHSU Spine team helped me return to my normal activities."

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Sports Medicine

Kyle's patient story

During my sophomore year, my left knee had been bothering me during basketball and football practices. X-rays were inconclusive; an MRI showed I had osteochondritis dissecans: a piece of cartilage and small fragment of bone had come loose in my knee. At first my doctor tried a procedure to try and put the cartilage back using a screw. But that didn’t work, and that’s when I went to see Dr. Crawford at OHSU.

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Mackenzie H Patient Story

Mackenzie H. suffered a seriously torn ACL, but, in less than six months, is back playing sports. 

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Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors

Patricia's OHSU patient story about her soft tissue sarcoma diagnosis and treatment

Patricia’s fight against soft tissue sarcoma. “It’s been five years, and I’m hopeful that I can dance at my children’s weddings.”

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Shoulder and Elbow Care

After falling on her shoulder, Lynn P. endured a frozen joint and pain, but after seeing Dr. Mariachi is now able to raise her arm.

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