New Technology for Total Hip Replacement

The traditional approach to total hip replacement is surgery from the side or back of the hip. While this works for many patients, this procedure can also be done from the front of the hip.

In this type of surgery, called the anterior approach, our OHSU experts use the latest technology to perform surgery without cutting any of the muscles around the hip. The Hana table provides precise hip positioning, allowing your doctor to reach the joint more easily during surgery. The table can also be adjusted and stabilized for X-rays during surgery. The images help your surgeon make sure your new joint will give you the best range of motion, so you can return to normal activities as soon as possible. OHSU is one of only a three locations in Oregon offering the anterior approach.

Benefits of the anterior approach include:

  • Smaller surgical incision
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery
  • Less discomfort after surgery