Our Services

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We provide an extensive range of services from everyday bone and joint care to the most complex and highly sophisticated treatments and procedures. Services include surgery and complementary medicine, injury prevention, physical therapy and pain management. We're here to help you get back to an active, pain-free lifestyle.

Bone and joint services

Sports medicine

OHSU has the region's most comprehensive sports medicine program.

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Foot and ankle

Our foot and ankle team treats a variety of conditions from broken bones and other types of injuries to diseases and other conditions.

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Knee and hip services

Our hip and knee specialists provide diagnosis and treatment -- surgical and nonsurgical -- for your hip and knee problems, including fractures, arthritis, deformities and athletic injuries.

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Upper extremity: hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder

Our specialists evaluate and treat a wide range of hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries and conditions.

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Spine services Joint replacement

Our orthopaedic experts use minimally invasive joint replacement surgery techniques backed by leading-edge joint replacement therapy research and technology.

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Fracture care and trauma services

We offer a full range of care for patients with severe fractures of the arm, leg, pelvis or spine. We also treat patients with multiple fractures.

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Bone and soft tissue tumors

OHSU Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation is the only clinic between Sacramento and Seattle that provides a full range of diagnosis and treatment options for bone and soft tissue tumors.

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Pediatric orthopaedics

Our pediatric bone experts, joint surgeons, and physical therapists treat all bone, muscle and joint problems and diseases.

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Nonsurgical and rehabilitation services

Many bone and joint problems can be successfully treated without surgery. Our experts are specially trained to diagnose and treat these conditions. We also provide comprehensive bone and joint rehabilitation services. Our physiatrists and therapists can help you develop, maintain or restore movement and function lost to age, disease or injury.

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