Sport Injuries

We offer a variety of prevention and sports injury programs:

  • Medical coverage at high school athletic events ( to find out more)
  • Preseason physicals
  • Educational programs on injury prevention
  • On-site athletic trainers

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Concussion testing and management

A concussion is a common but mild trauma to the brain caused by impact to the head. This injury is not always properly diagnosed. Concussion can be serious if it is not properly treated.

Watch the concussion testing video.

At OHSU, we use the ImPact test to help decide when you have recovered, so you can safely return to your sport as quickly as possible. Our clinic is one of only two locations in Oregon offering this testing.

ImPACT  is a computer-based test of your brain’s function designed to help diagnose and treat sports-related concussions. It helps us provide rapid and accurate evaluation of your symptoms and brain function.

You can make an appointment for ImPact testing with one of our athletic trainers for $30. You may be tested before or after a concussion. If you are tested after having a concussion, you will also need a separate appointment with a doctor to be medically cleared to return to sports.

We use ImPact testing to make better decisions about treating athletes with concussion. We can test athletes individually or provide testing for a group or team at OHSU or your school.