Inpatient Phlebotomy Services

General Information

Inpatient Phlebotomy is a 24/7 service for all adult and pediatric non-intensive care units. All routine and PRN draws orders are made via the Hospital Epic Order Entry.  Lab test names, along with synonyms and complete test information, can be found in the Test Directory.

Routine Phlebotomy Orders

All routine orders are ordered in Epic as Lab Collect. Routine collections are scheduled for two hour draw windows during the following draw times: 0500, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 0000 and 0200. The 0500 (morning draw) is collected by a team of phlebotomists. Units are prioritized according to patient population needs and volume of draws on specific units. Inpatient phlebotomists carry Hand Held "Rover" devices and label printers for accessioning of Lab Orders at the patient bedside. Access to unit workstations and printers is required during downtime procedures.

Collect Now and PRN Phlebotomy Orders

Orders that cannot wait until the next collection list time can be ordered for >15 min collection. If > 15 min is not acceptable, the RN can Vocera "Float Phlebotomy" to inquire if available; and if not, the RN must collect specimen(s). Collect Now, PRN, and Routine, Once orders are collected 24/7
by inpatient phlebotomy by calling Vocera to "Float Phlebotomy". Draws will be collected in called in order or patient need, as communicated by patient RN and the order start time. Unit collect orders must be "toggled" in Epic to Lab collect before phlebotomy float is called. Failure to toggle order to Lab Collect will result in delay of collection.


A bar coded OHSU ID bracelet with the patient's MRN, correctly spelled name and date of birth must be affixed to the patient's wrist or ankle prior to draw. Patients improperly identified will have 10 minutes (or less depending on phlebotomists time availability) to be properly banded prior to collection. Orders involving patients improperly ID banded, refusal of draw, already drawn, canceled by provider, patient discharged, and patient expired, nurse draw required (IV), phlebotomy attempted 2x by 2 phlebotomists, no site available, and patient unavailable x2 attempts will be canceled in Epic with an appropriate cancellation comment. In the event of cancellation, the patient's RN will be verbally notified of the canceled order(s) whenever possible. Phlebotomy may request patient hold assistance, heparin drips and IV's turned off prior to draw, or verbal identification prior to collection if the patient is unable to self identify.