Arrhythmia & Heart Rhythm

OHSU’s Heart Rhythm Clinic is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of all types of heart rhythm disorders. We offer a complete range of noninvasive and traditional electrophysiology (EP) services, as well as a dynamic research program. For appointments, call 503 494-1775.

Arrhyhmia and heart rhythm Clinic

Heart Rhythm & Arrhythmia Treatment Options

OHSU's Heart Rhythm and Arrhythmia experts work as a team to determine the best treatment option for your heart rhythm disorder. These treatment options include:

Ablation (radiofrequency and epicardial)

  • This less invasive, innovative treatment sends radiofrequency signals via a catheter to your heart to prevent the abnormal signals that cause arrhythmia.


  • Pacemakers are a common solution to regulate an irregular heartbeat caused by a heart attack, age, or other factors.


  • If your heartbeat is irregular and abnormally fast, a defibrillator may be required which delivers a shock to the heart to slow the heartbeat to a normal rhythm.

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Meet Our Team

Charles Henrikson Dr. Charles Henrikson is the director of the electrophysiology program at OHSU.  Dr. Henrikson performs the full range of EP procedures including laser lead extraction, epicardial access and ablation, and afib ablation.  He has an active research program with over 70 peer-reviewed publications. 

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Review a list of frequently asked questions, or contact our heart experts to submit your own question. Our experienced team of cardiovascular experts is here to help.

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OHSU Knight Cardiovascular Institute partners with providers around the region to care for patients with heart and vascular conditions. We provide continuing education, clinical trials, and resources for the practitioners we work with.

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