Samaritan Albany General Hospital

Collaboration with Samaritan Albany General Hospital

Samaritan Albany General Hospital (SAGH) has been providing care for area residents since 1924. SAGH is a 76-bed acute care facility and health center providing medical services to the greater Albany area. There are 165 physicians, more than 600 employees and 150 active volunteers serving the health needs of the community.

OHSU Cardiovasular Medicine has been offering an arrhythmia clinic jointly with Samaritan Albany General Hospital. Karen Paladino, BSN, RN and Karen Griffith, NP have clinic twice monthly for device checks - ICDs and pacemakers. ICDs are pacemaker-like devices that continuously monitor the heart rhythm, and deliver life-saving shocks if a dangerous heart rhythm is detected. They can significantly improve survival in certain groups of patients with heart failure who are at high risk of ventricular fibrillation.

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