Women and Heart Disease

Dr. Diana RinkevichAsk the Heart Expert


As a woman, why should I be concerned with heart disease?  


You may be surprised to hear that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States. There can be many warning signs before a woman has a heart attack, but they’re often missed because women can have different symptoms than men. Symptoms can include jaw pain, back and shoulder pain, insomnia and unusual fatigue. Women also experience more frequent, severe and clustered symptoms. For example, a woman with high blood pressure will register higher numbers than a man, and she is more likely to have a sedentary lifestyle and be overweight.

The OHSU Women's Heart Program is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of heart disease. We are the only clinic in the region actively engaged in ongoing research that focuses specifically on women and heart disease. To learn more about the Women’s Heart Program, please call 503 494-1775.

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