Cardiac CT Scans

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Can a CT scan tell me if I have heart disease?


A cardiac CT scan can detect heart disease. The procedure uses X-rays and computer software to show detailed, 3-D images of your heart and its arteries. This allows your doctor to spot plaque build-up in arteries and other problems with your heart.

In recent years, multislice CT scanners have allowed detailed images of the heart to be taken in one quick breath hold. OHSU was the first medical facility in Oregon to have a 64-slice CT scanner . In 2008, we will have the next-generation 256-slice CT scanner, which will provide even quicker and clearer views of the heart.

If you’re at risk of heart disease or have signs of the disease, your doctor may recommend a CT scan. For more information, talk to your doctor or contact OHSU’s Knight Cardiovascular Institute at 503 494-1775.

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