Our award-winning team strives to prevent and even reverse heart disease by helping you take control of your health. Our prevention program includes a comprehensive cardiovascular risk assessment, state-of-the-art diagnostic testing, and a customized program that may recommend exercise, diet changes, stress reduction and smoking cessation.

By focusing on patient center care with a multidisciplinary approach, we are integrating the services which patients require in one setting. Our outpatient cardiology services are provided at the Center for Health and Healing on the Southwest Waterfront. We provide cardiology clinical services including diagnostic testing centralized in one location.

We provide multidisciplinary approaches to patients with diabetes mellitus, vascular disease, and to women with cardiovascular risk factors or disease. This approach allows us to bring together experts from endocrinology, women's health, interventional radiology, surgery, and cardiology in one location to provide the best care for our patients. This helps to ensure that our patients receive coordinated care with the necessary resources to prevent, diagnose, and treat heart disease.