Welcome to OHSU Family Medicine

A visit to an OHSU Family Medicine clinic is the start of  personal relationship with a healthcare team that will last a lifetime. At OHSU Family Medicine, we care for infants, children, adolescents, adults and seniors. We offer pregnant women a full range of family-centered obstetrical services.

Whether you are single or a member of a family, female or male, young or old, your OHSU Family Medicine healthcare providers will listen, answer your health questions and come to understand your personal health history. We will care for your health needs, and will consider your beliefs, values, family life and job when providing treatment.

Your doctor will care for you in the family medicine clinic, in the hospital, nursing home or hospice, and even at home. You and your healthcare team will work together to integrate and coordinate your care in a way that makes sense to you. Having an OHSU Family Medicine doctor means you also will have access to the best specialists at OHSU and within the Portland community.

Join us to Make Health Primary

Family Medicine's Promise of Primary Care

Caring for all

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Make an appointment at an OHSU Family Medicine clinic:

Gabriel Park:  503 494-9992

Richmond: 503 418-3900

Scappoose: 503 418-4222

South Waterfront:  503 494-8573

Or, visit our Walk-In Clinic - no appointment necessary!