About Our Residents

PGY 1 - Justin Holt, MD

Justin Holt, MD
Dr. Justin Holt came to us from University of Colorado School of Medicine.  He attended Lyon College where he received his BS in Biology and English.  He has also studied overseas in Ireland, Germany and Australia.  Dr. Holt enjoys spending time outdoors playing tennis, hiking, biking, water skiing and fishing.


PGY 1 - Casey Means, MD

Casey Means, MD
Dr. Casey Means joined us from Stanford University School of Medicine.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Human Biology with honors from Stanford University.  Dr. Means has served as a leader of Arbor Free Clinic, a student run organization in the Bay area and has volunteered in India.  Dr. Means is interested in wilderness medicine and leadership, and has organized and led numerous wilderness trips in the Sierras.


PGY 1 - Tyler Weaver, MD

Tyler Weaver, MD
Dr. Tyler Weaver joined us from Oregon Health and Science University School of Medicine.  He completed his undergraduate degree in Applied Health at Azusa Pacific University.  Dr. Weaver has done numerous mission trips to many areas overseas, such as Mexico, Jamaica, Haiti, and India. Dr. Weaver enjoys playing guitar, home brewing beer, photography, bicycling, surfing and snowboarding.


PGY 2 - Keith Chadwick, MD

Keith Chadwick, MD
Dr.  Keith Chadwick joined us in 2014 as a PGY-2 resident.  He completed his internship year at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.  Dr. Chadwick received his undergraduate degree in Forensic Science from Virginia Commonwealth University before completing medical school at VCU.  Dr. Chadwick's interest includes music performance.  He has directed and performed many musical shows, and has played piano weekly in a contemporary worship service.

PGY 2 - Deniz Gerecci, MD

Deniz Gerecci, MD

Dr. Deniz Gerecci completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Texas in Austin, in Plan II Honors, a competitive interdisciplinary liberal arts honors degree.  She went on to complete her medical school at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas.   Dr. Gerecci enjoys hiking, camping, running, biking, traveling, cooking and word games.

PGY 2 - Lauren Moneta, MD

Lauren Moneta

Dr. Lauren Moneta graduated from Scripps College in Claremont with Honors in Psychology.  She later went on to Harvard University Extension School where she obtained her post-baccalaureate in pre-medical sciences, and then went on to medical school at Oregon Health and Science University.  Dr. Moneta enjoys traveling and outdoor activities which include dressage competition, running, cycling and hiking.

PGY 2 - Elizabeth Schimmel, MD

Elizabeth Schimmel

Dr. Elizabeth Schimmel grew up in Jackson, Mississippi.  She attended Bard College at Simon's Rock in Great Barrington, Massachusetts where she majored in American Studies.  She went on to complete medical school at the University of Mississippi, and then to OHSU for her residency in Otolaryngology.   Dr. Schimmel enjoys traveling, reading, sports and games of all kinds.

PGY 3 - Faisal Ahmad, MD

Faisal Ahmad

Dr. Faisal Ahmad graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in Chemistry (Biochemistry track) and then went on to medical school at the University of North Carolina.  While at UNC medical school, Dr. Ahmad was awarded an NIH funded T-32 medical student training grant and did a year of research in Otolaryngology.  Dr. Ahmad enjoys running, indoor rock climbing, soccer, tennis and traveling.

PGY 3 - Edward El Rassi, MD

Edward El-Rassi

Dr. Edward El Rassi attended Oklahoma State University for his undergraduate degree in Chemistry.  He went on to complete his medical school at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine before beginning his residency in Otolaryngology at OHSU.    Dr. El Rassi enjoys playing golf and cycling.

PGY 4 - John Gleysteen, MD


Dr. John Gleysteen joined the Department in July 2011. He comes to OHSU from the University of Alabama School of Medicine. He completed an undergraduate degree (BS) at the University of Colorado at Boulder in Mechanical Engineering, followed by undergraduate pre-med training in the sciences and music at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Dr. Gleysteen has done volunteer work in Alabama and Kenya, has completed several research projects, and enjoys playing music, skiing, hiking, tennis, and wine tasting.

PGY 4 - Lauren J. Luk, MD


Dr. Luk joined us in 2011 after finishing her medical degree at the University of California at San Francisco School of Medicine. Her undergraduate degree in Human Biology (BA) was completed at Stanford University. She has done research into hearing loss, and is interested in the integration of research into clinical practice. Dr. Luk enjoys volunteering, golfing and playing flute.

PGY 4 - Eugene R. Sansoni, MD


Dr. Eugene Sansoni joined the Department from the Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine. He completed his undergraduate degree in Spanish at Wofford College in South Carolina. He has volunteered for Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity, in addition to other volunteer activities. He speaks Spanish, and enjoys outdoor activities and art.

PGY 5 - Maria Buniel, MD

Maria Buniel

Maria Buniel attended Kent State (BS) and Northwestern (MS) before medical school at Case Western Reserve University. In grad school, she worked with Diana Kunze studying the distribution of voltage-gated potassium and hyperpolarization activated channels in sensory afferent fibers in the rate caratid body. At Cleveland, she studied at the Lerner Research Institute of the Cleveland Clinic and will graduate with special qualification in biomedical research for her work on immunotherapy for autoimmune inner ear disease.

PGY 5 - Mathew Geltzeiler, MD

Mathew Geltzeiler, MD

Mathew Geltzeiler graduated from Brown University (BS in Neuroscience) with honors and is currently at Boston University. Throughout medical school, Mathew assumed he would be a urologist like his father, and has several clinical publications addressing prostate seed implantation using 3D computer assisted planning. Early in his last year, he moved above the clavicles into Otolaryngology.

PGY 5 - Selena Liao, MD

Selena Liao

Selena Liao attended Yale as an undergrad and then Harvard Medical School. At Harvard, Dr. Liao spent an extra year in the lab of Charles Vacanti and Kojo Kojima developing a tissue engineering model for auricular reconstruction. In addition, she has developed an interest in international medicine and spent some of her fourth year of medical school on rotation in Beijing.

Our residency and fellowship programs go back in time a long way, and our alumni have been busy. If you are interested in learning more about some of our alumni see our alumni page.