Communication, Health, Aging, Relationship Types and Support (CHARTS)


Research Study Opportunity

PSU HSRRC # 143059    Principal Investigator: Jason Newsom, PhD


OHSU IRB#: 10500     Principal Investigator: Donna Graville, PhD, CCC-SLP


Andrew Palmer, MS, CCC-SLPMy name is Andrew Palmer and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist at OHSU. For the last several years, I have worked with individuals with various medical conditions that have caused changes in their communication. Over that time, I have become increasingly interested to learn more about how health and communication affect the lives of older adults. In particular I am interested to learn more about how these changes might affect their social relationships with friends, family members and acquaintances. This is a research project that I have been working on in order get my PhD at Portland State University Institute on Aging. I am working on this project in conjunction with other researchers at PSU, OHSU, and the Portland VA Medical Center’s National Center for Rehabilitative Auditory Research.

You might have heard about this study in one of a number of ways. You might have been invited to participate in the study by mail, you might have seen information about it at a speech or hearing clinic, or you might have read about it on an online website. There is more information below, including some “frequently asked questions."  I am the primary contact for the study, so please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email if you have any additional questions. 

Primary Study Contact:
Andrew Palmer, MS, CCC-SLP
Phone: 503 494-8885 or 503 494-5947   
Toll-free number: 1 888 222-6478, extension 4-8885