Summer Internships

Ed Everts Medical Student Fellowship

Each summer, the Department of Otolaryngology at OHSU offers a 10-week summer research internship open to medical students, with a stipend of ~$5000. Individuals from underrepresented racial and ethnic groups as well as individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. The successful applicant will work with a faculty member to conduct a research project with the aim of a published article, a (inter)national conference presentation, or both.

How to apply: Interested students should download and fill out the Everts Fellowship application form, and submit by mail or email along with a CV, essay, Dean's letter, and two letters of recommendation to , Director of the Everts Fellowship, by Friday, February 23

Applicants will be informed by March 16 regarding their applications.

Previous Ed Everts medical student fellows


  • Bahir Chamseddin, University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, "Spatial audition and effects on balance". 
    Mentor: Dr. Timothy Hullar


  • Eduardo Carrera, University of Colorado School of Medicine: "Effect of audition on balance".  Mentor: Dr. Timothy
  • Ali Sawani, University of Central Florida College of Medicine, "Factors affecting loss of residual hearing following Hybrid cochlear implantation".  Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Byron Etta, Oregon Health & Science University, "Ototoxic drug trafficking through mechanoelectrical transduction channels and across the blood-labyrinth barrier".  Mentor: Dr. Peter Steyger
  • Christopher Lewis, Oregon Health & Science University, "Bactericidal efficacy during otoprotection, and localization of lipopolysaccarhide within the cochlea". Mentor: Dr. Peter Steyger


  • Kayce Spears, Oregon Health & Science University.  Mentor: Dr. Lina Reiss


  • Pouya Yaghmaie, Oregon Health & Science University
  • Jacob Wester, Oregon Health & Science University