Article by Teresa Nicolson 2017 in the J Neurogenetics - special edition

Featured Article: The genetics of hair-cell function in zebrafish. Nicolson, T. (2017) J Neurogenetics, 31(3):102-12. 


Ren, T., He., W. and Barr-Gillespie, P.G. (2016) Reverse transduction measured in the living cochlea by low-coherence heterodyne interferometry. Nature Communications, 7:10282 | DOI: 10.1038/ncomms10282 |

 HC Synapses - Teresa Nicolson

Featured article in the Journal of Neuroscience and highlighted in the Society for Neuroscience Neuronline website:

Toro, C., Trapani, J., Pacentine, I., Maeda, R., Sheets, L., Mo, W., Nicolson, T. (2015)    Dopamine modulates the activity of sensory hair cells. Journal of Neuroscience, 35(50): 16494-16503.



Dr. Alfred L. Nuttall appointed first OHSU Jack Vernon Endowed Professor of Hearing Research.


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