OHRC Employment Opportunities

Employment at the OHRC

The OHRC, located in beautiful Portland, Oregon, is among the top auditory research centers in the United States. Our faculty study the cellular, molecular and Researcherphysiological aspects of development, function, and disease of the inner ear and auditory central nervous system. The OHRC occupies a 17,000 square foot facility in the Hatfield Research Center building and 4,000 square feet in the Medical Research Building at OHSU. We offer employment at the faculty level, but also offer post- and pre-doctoral positions and summer internship positions. Follow the instructions listed with each employment opportunity if you are interested in applying.

Faculty Positions

There are currently no faculty positions available.

Post-doctoral positions

There are currently no post-doctoral positions available. Please check back or email ohrc@ohsu.edu.

Summer Research Positions

 Each year, the Department of Otolaryngology offers summer research opportunities to first-year OHSU medical students during the summer, with a stipend of approximately $5,000 for each three month fellowship. Individuals from under-represented racial and ethnic groups, as well as individuals with disabilities, are encouraged to apply.

Successful students will work with a faculty member to develop a research project to be conducted during the summer months with the aim of a published article, an international or national conference presentation, or both. During the summer of 2014, the following opportunities are available:

  1. Cochlear blood flow and mechanisms of sound induced oxidative damage to the cochlea
  2. Cochlear Implants and hearing aids
  3. Drug trafficking across the blood-labyrinth barrier
  4. Otoacoustic emissions
  5. Pathophysiology of cochlear microcirculation
  6. Quality of life and outcomes in otolaryngology
  7. Quality of life outcomes for Down Syndrome children with otitis media

For more detailed descriptions of the summer internship programs, please click here.

Students interested in applying for the summer research positions should identify a mentor with who they should develop:
  • a brief research plan (two paragraphs) for submission
  • A resume
  • A short statement about the importance of a research internship to their career goals
These materials should be submitted by email to Peter Steyger at The deadline for these opportunities is generally in March or April. Applicants will be informed in May regarding their applications. If you have questions, please contact Peter Steyger at


Description: A volunteer opportunity is available to assist with data acquisition and processing in a human auditory electrophysiology laboratory. In our laboratory, electroencephalography (EEG) and behavioral methods are used to understand the effects of auditory deprivation and stimulation on the brain.

Eligibility: This opportunity is intended for post-baccalaureate or graduate students interested in gaining research experience. Past experience with EEG is ideal.

Commitment Requirements: Minimum of 3 months, for at least 16 hours per week.

Interested? Contact Dr. Curtis Billings at billings@ohsu.edu with your resume and a statement of your interests and goals.