Nolt Lab Members

Dawn Nolt, MD MPH (Primary Investigator)

Dr. Nolt has studied the immunobiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) for the vast majority of her research career.  She characterized the inflammatory response in the lungs of Mtb-infected mice after cytokine treatment, and found that an anti-inflammatory response proved beneficial to overall morbidity of animals.  This naturally has tied into the growing field of immune-modulation during specific pathogen infections.

Dr. Nolt has expanded her research into the human system of Mtb infection.  She has a special interest in the presentation of Mtb by antigen-presenting cells, and how trafficking of HLA-I molecules affects this presentation to CD8 T lymphocytes. 

She received her MD and MPH degrees at George Washington University.  After a general pediatric training at Baylor in Houston, Texas, she completed a pediatric Infectious Diseases fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.  She has been on faculty at Oregon Health & Sciences University since 2006.

Amruta Bhusari, MS (Research Assistant)

Prior to joining the Nolt lab, Ms. Bhusari has had extensive research experience already.  Her initial area of interest was entomology.  She then acquired additional expertise in the biology of telomeres. Recent projects included understanding the role of ATM protein in telomere maintenance, and studying the the protein Fen-1 during DNA replication. The last project results in a co-authored publication in a high-ranking journal.  In the Nolt lab, Ms. Bhusari has spearheaded the protein analysis of class I trafficking with human dendritic cells during Mtb infection.

Ms. Bhusari’s initial master’s degree in zoology was completed at Nagpur University, India. She obtained another master’s degree in biology at Texas Women’s University.  She has been at Oregon Health and Science University since 2008, and joined the Nolt lab in 2009.