Charles Keller Lab

Charles Keller Lab


The Keller Laboratory studies the driving mechanisms and therapeutic targets in the childhood muscle cancers, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma and embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, and the childhood brain tumor, medulloblastoma.

Latest from the Keller Lab Blog

congratulations, Jinu!

Congratulations to Jinu whose paper was recently accepted for publication to Genes & Development.  This work was funded in part by NIH as well as the Scott Carter Foundation.  Clinical translation is hopefully possible, and thus additional preclinical studies with cooperative group and pharmaceutical partners are in discussion.  We are grateful to all our collaborators, especially Atiya Mansoor (OHSU), Joel Michalek and Ben Ehler and Monica Suelves (IMPPC).  

Our thanks to the KMGF

The Kyla McCullough Gift Fund graciously provided funds to purchase a very useful new instrument - a multiwell electroporator.  We are grateful to Kyla's family and the KMGF community of supporters for making this possible.  It really accelerates what we do - and expands the kinds of experiments that can be performed!

lemon wishes

we are grateful that the ALSF and its supporters have shared with us some of the 'lemon wishes'.  For the ALSF Spring newsletter, click here.