Davare Lab

Overview of Davare Lab

With our research program, we aim to discover cell intrinsic pathways that promote oncogenesis and malignant progression of tumors, with a special interest in rare but aggressive pediatric and adult cancer types like sarcoma, glioblastoma and medulloblastoma. Concomitantly we identify and test effective, targeted pharmacological agents that are amenable for rapid clinical implementation. Associated efforts to pre-emptively identify mechanisms of therapeutic resistance, and discovery of second-line treatments to circumvent it, have permitted us to successfully bridge bench research to clinical trials (PMID 26673800). We are also attempting to innovate approaches to target tumor immune-evasion mechanisms to enable combination therapies in genomically complex cancers that do not respond to monotherapy with kinase inhibitors. In the midst of this translational cancer research, wehope to unravel novel molecular insights into mechanisms of cellular signaling in both normal and malignant cells, particularly for those genes whose function is poorly characterized.


Graduate training: