1. Catherine Caruso, Chief Resident (OHSU)
  2. Erik Frandsen, Cardiology (University of Washington)
  3. Karen Heisler, Outpatient Care (Salem, OR)
  4. Aimee Janesky, Hospitalist (Portland, OR)
  5. Cate Kent, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  6. Laurel Hoffmann, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  7. Carol McFarland, Cardiology (University of Utah)
  8. Nicki Nabavizadeh, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  9. Kellee Parker, Hematology Oncology (OHSU)
  10. Erin Perkey, Hospitalist (Salem, OR)
  11. Kirsten Reinecke, Sleep Medicine (North Carolina)
  12. Katelyn Saarela, Gastroenterology (Stanford University)
  13. Jason Soh, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  14. Maria Velazquez-Campbell, Chief Resident (OHSU)
  15. Jessica Marsh, Outpatient Care, Colorado


  1. Abbie Bauer, Nephrology (University of Washington)
  2. Amanda Burrage, CDC EIS Fellow (CDC-Atlanta)
  3. Antwon Chavis, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  4. Katie Cotterell, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  5. Matt Dietz, Chief Resident (OHSU)
  6. Allison Empey, Chief Resident (OHSU)
  7. Megan Furnari, NICU Hospitalist (OHSU and SW Washington)
  8. Ben Gern, Infectious Disease (University of Washington)
  9. Lauren Kilgore, Outpatient Care (Salem, OR)
  10. Jill Sanford, Sleep Medicine (OHSU)
  11. Alicia Sauter, Outpatient Care (Hillsboro, OR)
  12. Michael Sethi, Outpatient Care (Chicago, IL)
  13. Christina Swanson, Allergy/Immunology (University of Washington)
  14. Jenn Tsai, Hematology/Oncology (Stanford)
  15. Casey Ward, Neonatology (UCSD)


  1. Lucy Amory, Outpatient Care (Westbrook, ME)
  2. Julia Carr, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  3. Andy Cave, Cardiology (OHSU)
  4. Paco Corbalan, Outpatient Care (Middlebury, VT)
  5. Kate Cronkhite, Outpatient Care (Vancouver, WA)
  6. Paul Goodwin, Outpatient Care (Vancouver, WA)
  7. Theresa Graif, PICU (OHSU)
  8. Michael Jones, Hospital Medicine (Eugene, OR)
  9. Brenna Lewis, Outpatient Care (Wenatchee, WA)
  10. Courtney McGirr, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  11. Lane Miller, Hematology/Oncology (Emory)
  12. Tanvi Mukundan, Sleep Medicine (OHSU)
  13. Lauren Sandefur, Outpatient Care (Zambia)
  14. Sara Taub, Palliative Care (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia)
  15. Rachel Westerfield, Outpatient Care (Bellingham, WA)
  16. Leah Yieh, Neonatology (OHSU)


  1. Megan Bailey, Sports Med and Gen Peds (Reno, NV)
  2. Kim Boyer, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  3. Angela Douglas, NICU Hospitalist (OHSU)
  4. Kelly Fegan Bohm, Endocrinology (Baylor)
  5. Ladawna Gievers, Neonatology (OHSU)
  6. Sheevaun Khaki, Outpatient Care (OHSU)
  7. Adam Lamble, Hematology/Oncology (OHSU)
  8. Jenny McOmie, Outpatient Care (Scotts Bluff, NE)
  9. Brittany Petering, Outpatient Care (Sellwood, OR)
  10. Allison Roland, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)
  11. Sara Rourke, Hospital Medicine (San Diego, CA)
  12. Billy Senders, Hospital Medicine (Portland, OR)
  13. Jen Shepard, Outpatient Care (Canby, OR)
  14. Peter Sidor, Outpatient Care (Cody, WY)
  15. Whitnee Stuban, Cardiology (Utah)
  16. Ashley Treece, Outpatient Care (Portland, OR)