Teaching Opportunities

   DNCC Teaching

It is often said, if you really know the material, you can teach it.  We take teaching seriously in the Division of NPM at OHSU.  As medical educators we are responsible for creating transformative learning experiences; we should be held accountable for the outcomes of our interventions. The effectiveness of our instruction in neonatology will impact human life; therefore the methodology must be grounded in germane educational theory and evidence-based strategies.  We aim to produce fellows who are adept in the most effective instructional strategies for improving individual and team performance.  In the NICU, our fellows participate in didactic teaching on rounds with residents and medical students, teach and supervise various technical skills (intubation, umbilical catheter insertion, etc), and they set up and give their own lecture once a week to pediatric and family practice residents rotating through the NICU.  The NPM fellows at OHSU undergo training and become certified as simulation-based Neonatal Resuscitation Program instructors where they hone their skills with multidisciplinary learners.  Fellows develop competency-based curricula in procedural skill acquisition and use expert modeling for behavioral skill development.

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