Conference Schedule

 Oregon Coast1. Clinical Sign-in, Mondays. Each Monday morning the faculty and fellows meet to review the cardiology service.

2. Medical/Surgical Conference, Mondays.Our combined cardiology/cardiothoracic surgery conference meets weekly to discuss patients scheduled for surgery or catheterization during the week. We also review, as a group, patients with complex issues or who are being considered for surgery.

3. Pediatric Cardiology Fellows Conference, Wednesdays and Fridays.A rotating curriculum provides comprehensive coverage of pediatric cardiology topics during the three-year fellowship. Echo, EP, and Cath topics are presented every 6 weeks. Chapters of the Moss & Adams text are presented in a Board-Review Format every 6 weeks.

4. Weekly Echo Conferences, Tuesdays. Dr. Brendan Kelly reviews echos with in a small group setting.

5. Pediatric Cardiology Case Review Conference, Thursdays.  The fellow on-service presents a challenging or interesting clinical case from the service.

6. Basic Sciences / Physiology Seminar, Fridays. This is an excellent educational experience staffed by faculty by Adult Cardiology, Basic Sciences, and Pediatric Cardiology. The topics vary on a 3-year rotational basis.

7. "TOFS" Conference, Fridays. A research conference for presenting new or preliminary data. Attended by fellows, graduate students, and staff from Adult and Pediatric Cardiology, Cardiac Surgery and Basic Science Divisions. The forum offers an excellent exposure to the variety of research being done within the institution.

Monthly Conferences:

1. Cardiac CriticTramal Care Morbidity and Mortality Conference.
A review of cardiac-related cases from the pediatric critical care unit.

2. Congenital Cardiac Interventional Morbidity and Mortality Conference.  A review of the monthly morbidity and mortalities within cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology and congenital cardiothoracic surgery.

3.  Pediatric Cardiology Journal Club, Wednesday, 8-9:00am.
Articles are selected by a faculty member with fellows presenting the papers for discussion. Emphasis is placed on achieving an evidence-based practice of medicine and arriving at a consensus statement.