Sedation Policy

Being with your child during sedation

This page explains if and when you can be with your child if they are sedated for a procedure, test, or surgery. Please talk to your care team if you have further questions.

For moderately sedated patients

(drowsy, but awake and able to interact with you)

In most cases, you may stay with your child during the procedure. Your care team will probably encourage you to reassure, distract, and/or entertain your child throughout the procedure in ways that are helpful to their work. The goal of your presence is to help your care team focus fully on completing the procedure as quickly and safely as possible.

If your presence becomes a distraction or interferes in any way with the timely and safe completion of the procedure, your care team may ask you to wait outside the room.

For deeply sedated patients

(Deep asleep and unresponsive to voice or gentle touch)

When your child is deeply sedated, he or she will have no awareness of your presence and being with them will not assist in their care. To minimize the time your child has to be deeply sedated, and to make the procedure as safe as possible - you will not be allowed to stay with your deeply sedated child throughout the procedure or surgery.

We encourage you to stay with your child while they fall asleep to provide reassurance and support. Once deep sedation has been achieved, your care team will excuse you from the procedure.

After the procedure, we will bring you to your child in recovery as soon as possible.

Please see more information in the pediatric surgery FAQ.