Doernbecher offers more pediatric surgical services than anywhere else in Oregon. Our team of nationally recognized experts works together to bring your child the best possible care.


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Pediatric Surgeon at Doernbecher

We are dedicated to providing your child and family the most advanced procedures, expert treatment and complete care for every pediatric surgical need.


Preparing for surgery

Preparing for Surgery

Knowing what to expect and what to do ahead of time makes facing surgery easier for you and your child.


Doernbecher Stories: Pediatric Surgery

Julian's plastic surgeryWhen Julian cut his face, Doernbecher was ready for the emergency plastic surgery he needed.
Caleb's tumor surgeryWhen mom noticed a bump on Caleb's wrist, she feared the worst.
Ben's cochlear implant surgeryCochlear implant surgery at Doernbecher changed Ben’s life.
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