Neuroendoscopy uses a tiny telescope and a high resolution video camera to look into the skull, brain and spine. It greatly improves our ability to see exactly where the problem area is and to treat it more effectively. Neuroendoscopy is used for treating complex hydrocephalus and other neurological diseases.

We use the latest technology for even greater accuracy

Our surgeons combine neuroendoscopy with computerized navigation, which allows us to target the exact spot in the brain or spine and increase accuracy.

Other applications

Neuroendoscopy makes the procedure for removing tumors and other brain lesions more accurate and less invasive. This technique uses only tiny incisions, causing very little pain and resulting in shorter recovery time.

Sharing the knowledge

We work with state-of-the-art neuroendoscopy equipment and share our knowledge and experience by teaching endoscopy to practicing neurosurgeons regionally and nationally.