Children Headaches and Migraines

Girl at Doernbecher

If your child is suffering from acute or chronic headaches, we provide thorough diagnosis and expert pediatric care. We understand the unique causes of headaches in children and we can design a therapy to meet your child’s specific needs.

Your child has access to expert treatment for primary headaches, secondary headaches and migraines.

Primary headache – A child's headache is called primary when there is no other health problem causing the headache. The most common types of primary headache include tension-type headache, migraine with aura, migraine without aura, and chronic daily headache.

Secondary headache – A headache is called secondary when there is another health problem causing the child's headache, such as a sinus infection or injury to the brain.

A referral from your child’s doctor is necessary to schedule an appointment for a headache or migraine evaluation.