Brain Tumors in Children

Pediatric neurosurgery for Brain Tumors

We provide your child the most advanced surgical procedures and childhood brain tumor expertise.

MRI - Brain Scan

Our pediatric neurosurgeons use the latest technology to maximize tumor removal and preserve brain function, assuring your child the best possible outcome. This includes intraoperative MRI in our two-story, dedicated surgical suite. This precise imaging system offers better results and reduces the need for repeat surgeries and even sedated MRI after brain surgery, so it’s easier on parents and kids. And surgeons can often give you results directly after your child’s surgery, instead of waiting for the next day’s scans. Learn more about iMRI.

We work with a broad team of experts to provide comprehensive brain tumor treatment.

Our neurosurgeons and neurologists are members of a treatment team helping infants, children and adolescents with brain tumors. We treat 45-50 children with brain and spinal cord tumors each year.

Read more about comprehensive treatment for pediatric brain tumors and spinal cord tumors at Doernbecher.