Our Services

Neurology at Doernbecher

We are experts in treating a wide variety of brain, spinal cord and nervous system conditions in children and adolescents.

Our pediatric neurologic services offer:

  • The most complete care for your child, from initial diagnosis through treatment and recovery.
  • The latest technologies, including neuroendoscopy and advanced imaging, which enable us to provide the most accurate diagnosis and advanced forms of therapy.
  • Intraoperative MRI in the West Coast’s only dedicated in-hospital pediatric suite, to help ensure the safest brain surgery and best possible outcomes.
  • Clear and complete explanation of your child’s condition, including all treatment options and what to expect before, during and after each treatment.
  • Coordinated care to meet all your child’s needs, which may include consultations with behavioral pediatrics, child psychiatry, neurosurgery and neuroradiology
  • The only specialized pediatric epilepsy monitoring and surgery program in Oregon.
  • Interdisciplinary care for children with brain and spinal cord tumors - pediatric neuro-oncology program
  • Diagnosis and surgery for infants with brain and spine disorders.
  • Expertise in pediatric neuromuscular disorders
  • Evaluation and treatment of pediatric movement disorders

  • Interdisciplinary pediatric stroke program, including pediatric hematology, therapy services, and neuropsychology