Cheerleading has changed a lot over the years. Today cheerleading is a very vigorous activity, which includes gymnastics, tosses, partner stunts and pyramid building. As in other athletic activities, safety precautions can help prevent injuries.

Safety Tips

  • Make sure your child’s or teenager’s cheerleading coach is certified and properly trained for the job.
  • Read the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors’ safety guidelines.
  • The National Federation of State High School Associations publishes the Spirit Rule Book, which is another technical and safety rules reference resource for cheerleading coaches.
  • Be sure your child practices and performs cheerleading only when supervised by their coach.
  • Be sure your child receives proper training for gymnastics and other cheerleading stunts and techniques.
  • Make sure your child knows their ability level and does not attempt advanced stunts before mastering the lower level skills.
  • Warm-up exercises and stretches are as important for cheerleaders as they are for other athletes.
  • If your child sustains an injury, ensure they get the proper medical attention and follow-up as necessary.