Windows can be hazardous. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports:

  • More than 4,000 children are treated in emergency rooms for window fall-related injuries each year.
  • About a dozen children, 10 years old and younger die from their injuries each year.
  • Most of the deaths and injuries happen to children under the age of five.
  • Even a fall from a first-floor window can cause injury or death.
  • Children are more likely to die or be severely injured from window-related falls than falls associated with any other product.

Window covering pull cords also pose a danger. The CPSC has received reports that:

  • Many of the victims of window cord strangulation are children under five.
  • Victims who were 10 to 15 months old typically became entangled while in their cribs, which were placed near window covering pull cords.
  • Older child victims frequently became entangled when climbing on furniture to look out of a window.

Safety Tips

  • Keep windows locked when they are closed. Create a "Kid Free Zone" around all windows so children learn not to play around windows.
  • Never let children open windows by themselves.
  • If you must open windows, open them from the top if possible.
  • Prevent windows from opening more than four inches by installing window guards or window stops. Products are availible at Doernbecher's Tom Sargent Safety Center. Please contact us at (503) 418-5666 with questions about products or window safety.
  • Beware! Window screens may give you a false sense of security. They do not prevent falls. Screens are made to keep bugs out but not to hold children in.
  • Teach your children not to lean out of or play near open windows.
  • Don’t place furniture children may climb on near windows.
  • Consider installing grass, shrubs or mulch under windows. They may help cushion a fall.
  • Keep window covering pull cords out of the reach of children. Keep them up, out of the way, with a clamp or clothespin, cleat or tie-down device.
  • Cords should not be doubled or form a loop. Each cord should have its own tassel.
  • Replacement safety tassels are available free of charge at window covering retailers. Contact the Window Covering Safety Council at (800) 506-4636 for details.

For more information:

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