Operating and riding on all terrain vehicles is dangerous and risky and should be done as safely as possible. In recent years, there have been an estimated 600 to 740 ATV-related deaths and over 110,000 accidents each year. Over thirty percent of all injuries and deaths occur in children and teenagers 16 and younger. Many of these accidents result in severe head injuries, facial injuries, broken bones and paralysis. These injuries are painful and may result in permanent damage and/or physical rehabilitation. Most accidents are caused from rolling over, falling from the ATV or colliding with a stationary object.

Safety Tips

Children and teenagers under the age of 16 should NOT operate or ride an ATV. Anyone operating an ATV should exercise the following precautions:

  • Operate an ATV appropriate in size (engine size should be less than 90 cc).
  • Take a “hands-on” training course offered by certified instructors.
  •  Wear a helmet.
  • Wear other protective gear such as boots, long pants and gloves.
  • Operate an ATV during daylight hours only – lights on an ATV don’t provide adequate lighting when the vehicle is bouncing or turning.
  • Do not carry passengers – carrying a passenger makes it difficult to control the ATV and can cause it to tip or roll over.
  • Never use alcohol while operating the vehicle.