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Sep 8, 2014

Sleep is awesome!

Sleep is awesome! Just like food and water, we need it for our physical and mental well-being. The problem is that many of us are not getting enough or good quality sleep on a regular basis. The goal of this post is to highlight some of the amazing things that happen during sleep and to stimulate the reader to think about making small changes in the daily routine that might have a big payoff. How … Read More

Aug 19, 2014

Q: How can I help my child prepare for surgery?

A: Although specific details will depend on your child’s age and the surgical procedure, it’s always best to be clear and honest, as well as reassuring. In other words, don’t baby your child — explain what the surgery is for, what’s going to happen during it, and how he or she might feel after waking up. You don’t need to explain every potential complication, but you do need to be truthful so your child knows … Read More

Aug 4, 2014

The healing power of the Blue Butterfly provides hope to children with leukemia

It was the phone call that no parent wants to get: “Max has leukemia and we think it’s a rare form,” said the doctor. I was getting a haircut and had to leave the salon immediately, not sure if I would vomit on the sidewalk or pass out. I was in a fog the whole drive home, tears flooding my eyes. The normally short drive home took forever. I needed to hug my boy. Max … Read More

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Because it's Monday, and these two are some of our furriest (and most PAW-some) volunteers: http://t.co/OUCeSfBuom http://t.co/rQBqfqQLK7

RT @OnPointCU: We're proud to partner with @OHSUDoernbecher in the fight against pediatric cancer. Please join us! http://t.co/2AkBlQ1wVh #…

Considering fertility treatment and want to talk options? Sign up for our October 9 info session: http://t.co/6BWavw7N2F

Ten dollars will help local kids. Text “Dolly” to 50555 to benefit our pediatric cancer program: http://t.co/Ptv6HQmzfM #onedown @onpointCU

@GeorgeSchroeder Love this. Go, Christopher, go!

Clean out your cabinets and drop off unused/expired prescription drugs at the OHSU Emergency Department tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What we're reading: Lack of sleep increases risk of failure in school among teens (via @sciencewr): http://t.co/9oXh8HS5f6

Happy #FreestyleFriday! The 2014 collection will be revealed in six weeks. Join us! http://t.co/cKxr1tgL7e http://t.co/ECNP8yBcZO

A little end-of-day wisdom on this Friday's eve. http://t.co/5ibb3ti8Mz

We're celebrating 11 years of #dbfreestyle at the November 7 collection unveiling in Portland – join us: http://t.co/kYV8EOAFcd

Wow! MT @MxBlueButterfly: We raised $45,000 at this year's Blue Party for Dr. Peter Kurre's research at Doernbecher: http://t.co/Q0ys6EP0Xz

Hey, parents! Get your car seats checked on Sat. from 9 to 11:30 a.m. at the Hillsboro Kohl's: http://t.co/lnyR0zfEi1 http://t.co/LBdArdbbOb

Make a plan, build a kit and more tips for emergency preparedness for kids. @Readygov and @Disney's animated film: http://t.co/LaFKvEIlE7

Help Camp UKANDU provide inspiration and respite for kids with cancer at the Oct. 15 fundraiser at the @OregonZoo: http://t.co/FHujS4Q2T0

@breannap14 Hope you were able to get some rest! Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help.

@sneakerboxClyde We hear that! If you'll be in the Portland area on Nov. 7, you can attend the reveal: http://t.co/7zoGkazTYZ #dbfreestyle

"People kept leaving with their babies, and I was still there." Read Tessa's twins' NICU story here: http://t.co/p0kh0mHKDQ

Princesses, cowgirls and superheroes – oh my! Thanks, @CHFDressUp, for bringing the costume party to our patients. http://t.co/xAZ08k3mYL

RT @hopeonwheels: Dr. Peter Kurre from @OHSUDoernbecher is a repeat @Hyundai #childhoodcancer research grant winner. Keep up the wonderful …

Join us in the fight against pediatric cancer: http://t.co/CxgCFQ5nO1 @OnPointCU #onedown

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