OHSU Diversity Action Plan

Commitment and Collaboration

The first goal of OHSU's strategic plan, Vision 2020, is to “be a great organization, diverse in people and ideas.” Achieving this goal requires commitment and accountability; towards that end, the OHSU Diversity Action Plan (DAP) was developed.

The diversity strategic planning is coordinated by the Center for Diversity & Inclusion. The Diversity Action Plan is intended to be a roadmap to guide the efforts of all OHSU mission areas and units. The healthcare mission has its own diversity action plan.

Diversity Action Plan has four goals:

  1. Increase recruitment
  2. Strengthen retention
  3. Improve the climate of inclusion
  4. Build community partnership
  5. Benchmark for excellence
The Healthcare Diversity Action Plan outlines specific strategies, tactics and desired outcomes for each goal. It offers detailed metrics and identifies who is responsible for each tactic. At the end of the fiscal year, the Healthcare Diversity Action Plan Implementation Team reports on the progress made towards the annual goals.