Goals and Framework

The OHSU Healthcare Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan (DISP) has four goals:  

  1. Enhance a culture of inclusion among all OHSU Healthcare employees.
  2. Build cultural competencies at all levels of organization to improve patient care and other service encounters.
  3. Raise awareness of practices that increase the diversity of OHSU Healthcare staff.
  4. Work towards eliminating health disparities in Oregon.

Strategies of OHSU Healthcare DISP

OHSU Healthcare DISP strategies are adapted from the “Seven Steps to Diversity-and-Inclusion Culture Change” model developed by Gardenswartz and Rowe (2010). The strategies of the OHSU Healthcare DISP are:

  1. gain executive commitment
  2. conduct assessments
  3. create and sponsor advisory councils
  4. provide training and development
  5. create and support systems change
  6. conduct measurement and evaluation
  7. seek long-term organizational integration