Diversity Recruitment

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OHSU is committed to improving its diversity recruitment efforts. OHSU has participated in a wide variety of outreach, recruitment and career fairs in the past years, including: the Urban League Job Fair, the Hispanic Chamber Trade Show, the Portland General Electric Diversity Summit, the NW Career Expo, and the Portland and Oregon’s Annual Diversity Employment Day. In addition, OHSU has attended the Partners in Diversity and Native American Professionals outreach events, and has given lectures to students at Self Enhancement, Inc., a nonprofit organization supporting at-risk urban youth.

OHSU recruiters are proactively working with departments to develop a diversity recruitment plan for those positions that are currently underrepresented. Human Resources recruiters work with managers to advertise OHSU job opportunities in a wide variety of professional and diversity focused journals, websites and newspapers.

We value the strong community relationships for the insights and deep wisdom that they provide for our organization. These relationships are the foundation of our success in providing the best care for our community.