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Moving towards culturally competent care of the Somali and Somali Bantu populations

Moving towards culturally competent care of the Somali and Somali Bantu populations

Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) is hosting a lecture “Moving towards culturally competent care of the Somali and Somali Bantu populations”
by Nafisa Fai, Multnomah County Health Department

Date: Monday, December 17, 12-1 pm

Location: OHSU Hospital, Room UHS8B60

Off-site access: Post-session recording available here.

Objectives: To increase the understanding of the pre-U.S. history of the Somali and Somali Bantu populations; to identify a few medical conditions common to these populations; to explore cultural practices within the Somali and Somali Bantu communities; and to effectively utilize this information to help inform medical staff in providing culturally appropriate medical care for the Somali and Somali Bantu populations.

Nafisa Fai is the diversity and quality improvement capacity program coordinator for Multnomah County Health Department. She has over 10 years of experience working to influence change and eliminate health disparities. As a multilingual individual who was born and raised in various African countries, Nafisa appreciates diversity and collaborative approaches to tackle systemic problems in healthcare.

This event is sponsored by the OHSU Pediatric Ambulatory Care Practices and OHSU Healthcare Human Resources in collaboration with the Oregon Center for Nursing.

A Clinical Response to Elder Abuse

This free conference, organized on April 24, 2012 provided cross-disciplinary education to professionals responding to allegations of elder maltreatment. It was designed for adult protective services professionals, physicians, nurses, social workers, police, state’s attorneys, and others concerned with elder abuse and neglect. Upon completion of this conference, participants were able to:

  • Understand the scope of the problem of elder maltreatment
  • Be able to identify common signs and symptoms of elder abuse and neglect
  • Understand the role of the medical professional in elder abuse and neglect situations
  • Understand the role of Adult Protective Services and what it means to be a mandated reporter ·
  • Know the role of the District Attorney’s Office in elder abuse and neglect cases
  • Understand the key elements of documentation that lead to successful prosecutions
  • Understand how diversity issues impact elder abuse and neglect assessments

Learn more by watching all of the filmed presentations and downloading the PowerPoint slides here.

Multicultural Customer Service with Food & Nutrition Services

These eight-hour training sessions were offered to more than 100 OHSU Food & Nutrition Services employees in 2008-2009. Participants explored the topics of culturally sensitive customer service, effective multicultural teamwork and communicating across language and cultural differences.

Managing Across Cultures with Environmental Services

OHSU Environmental Services offered a “Managing Across Cultures” training with their managers and supervisors in September 2009, which included the following modules:

  • Foundations of Managing Multicultural Teams
  • Communication Across Cultures
  • Conflict Resolution in an Intercultural Context
  • Managing Difficult Dialogues in the Workplace

Intercultural Competence Skills for the Human Resources Professional

The “Intercultural Competence Skills for the HR Professional” workshop was offered to OHSU HR employees in December 2010. The workshop focused on areas where HR professionals can use increased awareness of differences to navigate tough situations and make better, more informed decisions, including:

  • Diversity recruitment efforts
  • Employee retention and engagement, among different diverse employee populations
  • Handling employee relations involving cultural differences and intercultural conflicts
  • Evaluating employee performance across cultures
  • Diversity, inclusion and cultural competence training efforts

Cultural Detective: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Cultures

OHSU employees and students were a part of the global launch of the “Cultural Detective: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Cultures” workshop in July 2010. The workshop was offered by Dr. Susan Gore. "Cultural Detective: LGBT" was designed to develop a basic understanding of the LGBT cultures and to develop fundamental competencies for establishing trusting and productive relationships with people from these communities.

Visit the website

Service Excellence and the LGBT Community

In the August 2009 Monthly Management Meeting, “OHSU’s Service Excellence Commitment to the LGBT Community” was presented. It discussed the culture of inclusion in the context of sexual orientation and gender identity. Follow-up meetings exploring culturally appropriate care for LGBT patients took place for staff in the departments of Clinical Neurophysiology in October 2009 and at the Richmond Clinic in November 2009.

Diversity Celebrations

OHSU sponsored seven, weeklong celebrations of cultural diversity at OHSU in 2009-2010. Events featured African American, Jewish American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern American, Hispanic American, Native American cultures, and communities with disabilities. These events enhanced cultural awareness among employees and brought focus to serving the unique health needs of these various cultural communities. The events included a lecture series, community booths, poster exhibits and ethnic cuisines served at OHSU cafes.

The goal of the OHSU Diversity Celebrations was to provide opportunities for our employees and students to learn more about the cultures and various health issues relevant to diverse communities in Oregon. During these seven weeks OHSU hosted 23 free lectures, four community organization exhibits and six poster or artifact exhibits. These exhibits and presentations were open for employees, students, volunteers, community members, patients and their visitors.

In addition, OHSU Food and Nutrition Services Department hosted a cultural culinary exploration that provided over 160 customized entreés portraying the cultures around the world. Each employee received a free voucher to enjoy one meal sponsored by OHSU as a sign of employee appreciation. Patients and their visitors were able to purchase these meals.

To review the presentation descriptions, presenter bios and selected video recordings of the lectures, select the links below:

Discussions about Diversity and Inclusion

OHSU Concierge Services offered a “Discussions about Diversity and Inclusion” training to their entire staff in February 2011. The participants explored the following topics:

  • How inclusion and exclusion impact employee behaviors.
  • How one can contribute for a creation of more inclusive work team.
  • How the different dimensions of diversity can contribute to the effectiveness and success of the entire work team.

Working Across Differences: Exploring Cultural Complexity of Diverse Teams

OHSU Radiation Oncology offered a "Working Across Differences: Exploring Cultural Complexity of Diverse Teams" training to their entire staff in July-August 2011. After these two sessions participants were able to:

  • Understand how one’s own cultural values, communication and biases can impact others in the team.
  • Explore the perceptions regarding the inclusion and exclusion within the team.
  • Identify how one can contribute for a creation of more inclusive work team.