All Employees

Professional Development Opportunities

OHSU sponsors multiple resources for self-paced learning. Among these resources are the “CultureVision” and the Cultural Advocacy Team (CAT) Intercultural Resource Library. In addition, multiple face-to-face training opportunities are available for OHSU employees.


CultureVision” is an online resource that provides health and healthcare specific information regarding 50 different cultural groups. It is designed to help healthcare professionals to provide more appropriate and customized care to patients across cultures. Within the first year of its launch at OHSU, the site had almost 11,000 visits. The top five cultures that were searched the most often included Ethiopian/Eritrean, Filipino, Mexican, Hmong/Laotian and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

OHSU employees can access CultureVision with their logins and passwords here.

CAT Intercultural Resource Library

More than 200 books and journals are available for OHSU employees and students at the CAT Intercultural Resource Library, located at the OHSU/AFSCME Career and Workplace Enhancement Center.

Health Equity Dialogues

OHSU co-sponsored the “Health Equity Dialogue” facilitator training in collaboration with Health Equity Alliance of the Pacific Northwest (HEAP NW). To date OHSU certified trainers have facilitated group dialogues with more than 200 employees and students on the issues of diversity, inclusion, health disparities and cultural competencies. The populations discussed in these dialogues include African Americans, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Hispanic Americans/Latinos, LGBT populations, Native Americans and Persons with Disabilities.

AAEO Trainings

The Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Department (AAEO) offers quarterly training sessions for all OHSU managers and supervisors. The AAEO also offers a series of brown bag lectures including topics such as the American Disability Act, Family Medical Leave Act, Oregon Family Leave Act and sexual harassment.

Cultural Competency Lecture Series

The Center for Diversity and Inclusion sponsors monthly cultural competency lecture series. Past cultural competency lectures can be found at the CDI website.

English Language Learner (ELL) program

OHSU offers facilitated courses to non-native English speaking employees through the English Language Learner program. This opportunity helps to improve their English language conversational skills and develop speaking confidence in the workplace. These courses are offered in partnership with Portland State University.

The Emerging Leader Certificate Program

The Emerging Leader training program is available for OHSU employees as an opportunity for professional development. This training program includes topics related to diversity and inclusion.

Career counseling

The OHSU/AFSCME Career and Workplace Enhancement Center offers career counseling and career path advice to employees and students. Qualified OHSU employees may take advantage of tuition reimbursement benefits.