Riikka Salonen

Program Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, Healthcare Human Resources

20110307 OHSU Diversity 508

I am a program manager of diversity and inclusion at Healthcare Human Resources and I have worked for OHSU since 2008. I was born and raised in Finland and have been developing intercultural competence in corporate, governmental, academic, and non-profit settings since 1994. I am honored to serve as the chair of the CAT, which is a passionate, caring, and energetic group of people, eager to voice opinions about inequities around us. I want to help in the development of a workplace where all employees feel respected, valued and happy regardless of their position, age, gender, cultural background, sexual orientation or disability. I also want to provide tools for our employees to work more effectively with diverse teams and patients from different cultural backgrounds. 

Outside of OHSU I dedicate my time volunteering with multiple small community organizations. I enjoy networking, hosting parties, and gardening.