Kurt Hunter



I am a certified addictions counselor and have worked to help clients achieve and maintain recovery for over 15 years. My emphasis these past eight years for OHSU has been the intersection between substance abuse, sexual health and compulsivity, and the GLBTQ community. I work extensively with Persons Living with HIV as well as high-risk negatives. My belief is that HIV remains a strongly stigmatized condition and that we need to be sensitive to the unique needs and challenges of persons living with this illness.

As a member of CAT I hope to utilize my past experiences on such community advocacy boards as the Sexual Health for Men Coalition, State HIV Prevention Planning Committee, and Syphilis Elimination Project to be able to advocate a better understanding of the needs of sexual minority populations and persons living with HIV. OHSU is an excellent and open place to work and I feel that my own contributions as a gay man living with HIV are uniquely valued.