Background on Membership Selection:

The first chair and 15 members of CAT were selected by the Diversity Steering Committee in July 2009.

Term of Service:

To maintain continuity of the CAT team, CAT members are selected to serve terms of 2 or 3 years. New applicant recruitment begins in May and the new members begin their service on July 1 of the given year. CAT members review applicants and make recommendations to HR for reference checks and ratification. 

Individuals leaving CAT for any reason during their term will be replaced by someone from the alternate list. Selection of replacements will be the decision of the current Healthcare Cultural Advocacy Team contingent upon reference checks. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Attend CAT meetings once a month.
  • Annually provide critical analysis of the successes of the OHSU Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.
  • Contribute to the development of the OHSU Healthcare Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan, aimed at helping OHSU achieve the status of employer and provider of choice for diverse individuals and communities.
  • Provide recommendations for best practice and support program development within OHSU Healthcare that promote diversity and enhance cultural competency and inclusion.
  • Annually provide critical analysis of the successes of the OHSU Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan
  • Provide input on growth opportunities for OHSU Healthcare in light of organization objectives and constraints and evaluate how effectively the annual Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan is moving the organization forward as a diversity leader in Oregon.
  • Attend assigned sub-committee meetings and CAT sponsored events whenever their work schedule and duties allow, with a minimum of one event annually.
  • Support marketing and communication of diversity and inclusion initiatives to relevant audiences.
  • Provide support to individual units and departments that are requesting assistance in increasing cultural competency in their workplace.
  • Identify resources to expand interaction and collaboration with diverse community organizations.
  • Other duties as recommended by the CAT and approved by the OHSU Healthcare Administrative Team.