Our Patients

Culturally sensitive care

OHSU is leading the way to enhance the care we provide for our patients of many backgrounds, ethnicities, cultural traditions and belief systems. In all care settings, OHSU serves hundreds of thousands of patients representing a broad spectrum of ethnic populations. We strive to provide culturally sensitive care and are committed to discovering better ways to support the individualized needs of each patient and their support persons.

We recognize that supporting the cultural and spiritual needs of our patients promotes healing and well-being. Our chaplains connect with community faith leaders to extend our spiritual support network and resources.

OHSU supports the right of each patient to define his/her family. We proudly reflect this in our visitation policy because we know supportive visitors provide a healing environment for our patients.

Translation and interpretation
We understand the importance of connecting medical language with the language of the patient and provide professional interpreters to assist patients, families and clinicians. We offer interpreting in over 120 languages, including American Sign Language. Learn more about OHSU's Language Services.

LGBTQ care
OHSU is committed to providing excellent service to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and non-conforming patients. Our Transgender Health Program offers a variety of clinical services to community members. Please tell your healthcare provider how we can care for you in the most culturally sensitive way.