Teen Skype Research Opportunity

Type 1 Diabetes Teen Skype Research Opportunity

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 Dr. Michael Harris, Associate Professor of Pediatrics at OHSU has been granted a clinical research award from the American Diabetes Association to compare two ways of providing Behavioral Family Systems Therapy (BFST) to teens with type 1 diabetes.  BFST is a family therapy program that has been shown to improve family functioning, and improve the ability to follow diabetes treatment suggestions made by the doctor. The ultimate goal of the program is to improve blood sugar control for teens with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes.

The study will examine whether providing BFST via Skype, an internet-based teleconferencing system, has the same effect as providing BFST in a traditional clinic.  We will compare the ability of the two therapies to: 1) improve family functioning, 2) increase the ability to stick with diabetes treatment suggestions and 3) improve blood sugar control for families with teens who have had difficulty managing type 1 diabetes.

To be included in this study participants must:

  • Be a teen between the ages 12 to 19 and live with their families
  • Have an A1C of 9% or greater
  • Youth must live with primary caregiver

Study Expectations:

  • All youth and caregivers will receive BFST either in person or via the Skype system.
  • Youth and caregivers will be randomly assigned to receive treatment at an outpatient clinic at Oregon Health and Science University or by internet teleconferencing during the study.
  • Youth and their caregivers will participate in 10 sessions (about 1.5 hours each) over 12 weeks.
  • Participants will complete several evaluations and outcome measures of their progress: 1) before random assignment, 2) immediately following the treatment period, and 3) three months after the treatment period.
  • Participants will receive up to $470 for participation in this study.

Contact Information:

To learn more about enrolling in this study please contact Danny Duke, PhD at 503.494.2243 or duke@ohsu.edu