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Our Services - Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center
At the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, our goal is to offer adults and children with diabetes the best diabetes care in the region. In addition to your doctor's care, your team of healthcare professionals will help you stay as healthy as possible. The team includes certified diabetes educators, nutritionists and registered nurses who specialize in managing diabetes. Our center also has a social worker and child psychologist to help provide support in addressing the needs of living with a chronic condition for children and adults living with diabetes.


Our adult diabetes education programs for type 1 and type 2 diabetes have been recognized by the American Diabetes Association as meeting national standards for diabetes education.


A child being diagnosed with type 1 requires a network of support that includes a team of providers, teachers, family, and friends. Our team provides expert comprehensive care to children living with diabetes and their families. This team includes: pediatric endocrinologist, diabetes educators, dieticians, social workers and psychologist.


We have a special interest in developing and utilizing new technology including insulin pumps and glucose sensors for diabetes care. At the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center, we have the ability to download data from the majority of insulin pumps, glucose sensors, and blood glucose monitoring systems.


We are involved in exciting diabetes research. Patients have the opportunity to participate in diabetes research studies, and benefit from new knowledge that can improve diabetes care.

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Learn more about participating in clinical research for  people who have type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
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