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When you're a kid, having diabetes is no fun. But even if you have diabetes, you can still be a normal kid. Kids with diabetes can do anything other kids can do. You can go to school, play sports and get involved in just about any activity you can think of. So don't let diabetes keep you from doing or becoming anything you want to become.

This part of our website has information especially for kids.

Eating for Sports

If you have diabetes you can run, jump, swim or do whatever you like to do, but it's important to have a plan for activity and exercise. Exercise can make your blood sugar go down because your body is using sugar in your body for energy when you are active.

One of the hard things about diabetes is finding a way to be active without having low blood sugar. When you exercise your blood sugar usually goes down. So it is important to have a plan before you start exercising. Your can have your insulin adjusted, or have snacks or drinks with extra carbohydrate. Of course, some kids use a combination of insulin adjustments and extra carbohydrate for activity. It's important to decide with your medical team what you need to do to be active and safe.

It's also important to make sure your blood sugar is in a safe range before being very active. Your medical team can also help you decide what blood sugar number gives you the green light for activity! Here are some other things to think about when you are active:

  • Be sure to wear a diabetes ID-maybe a bracelet or necklace.
  • Drink plenty of water and have snacks ready if necessary.
  • Have a blood glucose meter handy.
  • Have sugar to treat lows: glucose tabs, juice, etc.
  • Make sure your coach knows you have diabetes, and tell him or her how to tell when your blood sugar is low.


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Books for Kids

Chris Dreams Big by Chris Dudley and Chris Love-Dudley
This book tells the story of Chris Dudley's journey from being a kid with diabetes to a professional basketball player in the NBA.

It's Time to Learn About Diabetes by Jean Betschart
This is a workbook on diabetes for elementary-school kids. It helps kids learn about diabetes from the illustrated kids Cindy and Mike, who have diabetes. The workbook is full of drawing, matching and fill-in-the-blank word searches. It's a fun way for elementary-school kids to learn about diabetes.

Making the Best of Life: Book 2: Learning to Live with Diabetes continues Caitlin Block's story. She tells about being a 10-year-old with diabetes and facing challenges with other kids and school.

Taming the Diabetes Dragon by Anne Dennis.
In this book, the village of Pancreas is invaded by the dragon Diabetes. A brave boy named Preston helps the villagers learn how to tame the dragon with insulin, exercise and healthy eating.

Taking Diabetes to School by Kim Gosselin
This book helps elementary-school kids explain diabetes to their classmates. The newer edition includes Ten Tips for Teachers and a Kids Quiz.

The Best Year of My Life by Jed Block
This book tells the true story of Caitlin Block, a young girl diagnosed with diabetes at age seven. Caitlin tells about being diagnosed and shares her anxieties as well as positive events.

Wizdom for Kids by the American Diabetes Association
This kit is full of colorful illustrations and information to help you learn about diabetes and coping with diabetes. It also includes three juggling balls, which represent juggling diet, exercise and insulin.

You can get this kit free by calling 1-800-DIABETES. You can also order the kit over the Internet, with some help from your parents: .

Special Occasions

Special occasions can be anything from birthday parties to holidays and everything in between. The idea is for you to have fun and be able to do the things that everyone else is doing, while sticking to your diabetes care schedule.

Plan ahead with your parents or caretakers and maybe the adults hosting the occasion. You can find out what will be happening and what food will be served. Remember to always bring your diabetes supplies, and try to pick someone ahead of time who can give you support if you need it. Most of all, enjoy yourself and the time shared with others.


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America's Best Cookbook for Kids with Diabetes by Colleen Bartley

Disney Magic Kitchen Cookbook, by Stephanie Karpinske