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Ask the Expert Seminars-Type 2 Diabetes: Facts and Fiction

Presented by Andrew J. Ahmann, M.D.  

Wednesday, September 23rd
7 PM Center for Health & Healting

Learning you have type 2 diabetes and figuring out how to best manager your disease can be confusing. Find out the latest information! 


GRADE Study Participant Interview

family phinney

One could easily call Thomas Phinney a modern renaissance man, balancing type 2 diabetes along with his family and career, and traveling the world leading talks on font design (typography) as vice president of the company FontLab.  

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Thomas Phinney is not only making a difference in the design world with his work in typeface, but also in the future care of others living with type 2 diabetes.  Learn how he has made a difference and how you can too!

Thomas Phinney has volunteered as a subject in the GRADE Study for individuals living with type 2 diabetes at the Harold Schnitzer Diabetes Health Center. Here is the interview we conducted via email while Thomas was in Turkey. Learn more about volunteering in the

GRADE Study.

How would you describe your day job?

My day job is kind of complicated. I'm self-employed, and all my work is related to fonts (typefaces). I am the vice president of FontLab, the company that makes the main software people use to make fonts, and I consult on font-related issues for a variety of clients, from Oxford University Press to lawyers about forged documents to the Portland Type Co.

When were you diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?

I've had type 2 diabetes for just over six years now, being diagnosed around the beginning of 2009.

How did you hear about the GRADE Study and why did you choose to participate? How has it benefitted you?

I heard about the GRADE Study from my family doctor, who was thinking I could benefit from some additional medication to better control my diabetes, in addition to Metformin. As that's exactly what the study is about, it seemed like an excellent opportunity. I was happy to get free medications, since enrolling in the study. What has particularly excited me is how much closer attention I'm getting in relation to my diabetes care.

Did it change your view of what being a subject in a study would be like?

What I've ultimately gained is a much better understanding of my own condition and how to manage it, through careful monitoring and tracking. I guess the main thing that I didn't expect was the questionnaires on each quarterly visit, but it's only once every three months, and it seems like a small price to pay for all the free medication and close tracking of my diabetes.

What do you hope is gleaned from the GRADE Study?

I hope the study provides a deeper understanding regarding medications that combine most effectively with Metformin for patients living with type 2 diabetes. Ultimately, with the goal of improving the future of diabetes treatment for all.

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