Treating pre-cancerous skin changes

Actinic keratoses

Actinic keratoses are scaly or rough textured lesions that form on the skin after years of ultraviolet exposure from sunlight. Actinic keratoses have the potential to turn into Squamous Cell Carcinoma skin cancers, and therefore are often called “pre-cancerous” skin lesions. More information about actinic keratoses can be found here: http://www.skincarephysicians.com/actinickeratosesnet/index.html External Link Icon

There are a variety of ways to treat actinic keratoses from liquid nitrogen applied by a physician in the office to topical medications used by the patient at home. An in-office procedure called photodynamic therapy can also be used. Detailed information about treatment options for actinic keratoses can be found here: http://www.skincarephysicians.com/actinickeratosesnet/treatmentoptions.html External Link Icon