Pediatric Eczema Group Visits

Pediatric Eczema Group Visits 

To better serve our community of young eczema sufferers, OHSU Dermatology offers Pediatric Eczema Group Visits. This unique medical visit, delivered by Lara Clayton, P.A.-C., combines an individual clinical evaluation with group education and emotional support with others dealing with this disease. 

Why a group visit?

We believe that a medical evaluation, education and emotional support are all keys to overcoming the hardships of eczema. Parental education can positively impact a child's treatment and quality of life. In this visit, we can spend more time discussing proper treatment techniques, educating and answering your questions, and also providing a unique community experience that can support you and your child.

The monthly visits will include:

  • Formal education on causes, diagnosis, and treatment of eczema
  • An individual appointment with the provider
  • Demonstrations on application of medications and moisturizers
  • Written handouts to take home and review
These group visits last approximately 2 hours and are delivered at our Lake Oswego clinic location

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for you and your family by providing a compassionate atmosphere for eczema education, treatment, and community.