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Laser technology for facial rejuvenation

By Anna Bar, M.D.

Reversing years of sun damage is possible with today’s laser technology. Our lasers offer the latest in collagen building technology to help your skin regain its youthful glow. The two lasers that are helpful for rejuvenating the skin are Fraxel DUAL and the Lumenis Total Fx CO2 laser.  

The Fraxel DUAL laser targets collagen in the skin and causes a micro-zone of injury in the dermal layer of skin. Your body then “heals” the micro injury with brand new, fresh collagen. There is no downtime, just a few days of pinkness and mild swelling. Over the course of several treatments, your rejuvenated skin will appear softer, smoother, and less wrinkled. The Fraxel DUAL laser also offers another wavelength that treats brown spots and skin discoloration. Both wavelengths can be done in the same treatment to achieve facial rejuvenation. Fraxel technology has been approved by the FDA since 2003 and we have the most experience in Oregon delivering safe, effective results with this laser. 

The Lumenis Total Fx CO2 laser is the strongest state-of-the-art laser for reducing wrinkles. With a single treatment, years of aging can be improved. This laser has a week of “downtime” but the benefits are proportional - truly substantial. To learn more about this laser, schedule a consultation with me (503-494-6483) and I will review the procedure with you. I have dozens of before and after photos to help you get an idea of the rejuvenation you can expect.

Anna Bar, M.D.
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