Skinformation - Sept. 2011

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A Message from the Interim Chair

Alfons Krol, M.D.
Alfons Krol, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.

Fall will be upon us soon, although last week’s 90+ temperatures don’t seem at all very fall-like. Academic departments begin to move into high gear at this time of the year with a return to regular teaching, classes, rounds and other academic pursuits. The usual summer influx of medical students anxious to please, impress and garner references have come and mostly gone and everything seems to be returning to a regular routine of work allowing our faculty to pursue the things that attracted them to an academic department.

We have had changes in personnel with Andy Blauvelt, M.D.’s departure for private clinical research.  He will be missed.  Al Solomon, M.D., has again stepped up to the plate and taken on the acting Chief of Dermatology role at the VA Medical Center and will be assisted in a significant way by Lynne Morrison, M.D., Tatyana Shaw, M.D., and Sam Hopkins, M.D.  The VA will start a national search for a new Chief of Dermatology this fall. 

Sabra Lofgren, M.D., has started her pediatric dermatology practice and has been an able partner allowing me to balance my administrative and clinical duties in a more sensible way. 

Our search for a new chair continues to go forward with more candidates expected this fall…. and while I have really enjoyed being the interim chair (and I thank those of you who have assisted me with your counsel and accommodations), I know all of you are hoping (as I do) that this process moves forward and comes to a conclusion during this academic year.

Onwards and upwards!

Alfons Krol, M.D.