Robotic Surgery at OHSU

OHSU has the most comprehensive robotic surgery program in Oregon. Robots help our surgeons operate more precisely. Smaller incisions, fewer complications and less time in the hospital: and a quicker return to your busy life.

My OHSU Robotics Story - Gynecology

Mai Lee

I was having some pain in my abdomen. Tests showed it was an ovarian cyst. I was offered several options including robotic surgery, an advanced treatment option available at OHSU.Read more

Meet Dr. Herzig

Dan Herzig, M.D.

Daniel Herzig, M.D. specializes in treating colorectal diseases and established the robotic colorectal surgery program at OHSU in order to offer the most comprehensive care available anywhere in the region.

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Meet Our Team

Our Robotic Surgery Team

Complex technologies  become life-saving devices at the hands of our robotic surgery team. OHSU specially trained and Board-certified surgeons use the da Vinci robot to perform a broad range of surgical procedures including robotic prostatectomy and hysterectomy. Read more



When my sore throat turned out to be cancer, there wasn’t any question where I wanted to be treated: OHSU. I was fortunate enough to be able to benefit from a new robotic surgery, called transoral robotic surgery. Read more